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Mermet Solar Screen Fabric

Mermet Solar Screen Fabric

MERMET specializes in SOLAR SCREEN FABRICS made from high quality coated fiberglass yarn, used primarily for internal and external solar screen shades. Mermets innovative, functional fabrics are designed for solar protection, energy savings, pleasing visual aesthetics and acoustical comfort. With installations ranging from the PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Mermet is a cornerstone in todays worldwide solar protection market.
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Merrimac Textiles Fabric

Merrimac Textiles

Merrimac Textiles specializes primarily in the creation of fine tapestry weight upholstery fabrics. Merrimacs pricing is exceptionally low considering the quality of their fabrics as well as their designs and colors offered. The range of styles these tapestry weight upholstery fabrics are offered in vary from modern to traditional with a nice selection of the popular zebra fabrics as well as damasks. Merrimac Textile offers great style and color at superb prices.
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Michael Jon Designs Fabric

Michael Jon Designs

Top-quality along with affordability is what comprises the Michael Jon Designs line of fabrics. From upholstery fabric to bedding and drapery fabric, you can't go wrong with Michael Jon Designs. Michael Jons fabric offerings range from modern to transitional as well as traditional. Some of the fabrics offered are velvets, corduroys, designer vinyl and quilted fabrics as well as a wide selection of solids. Michael Jons drapery, bedding and upholstery fabrics are all in the mid price range. Michael Jon offers contemporary to transitional as well as traditional fabrics that contain superb coloring variations. A variety of fabric types are offered including: solids, corduroys, velvets, designer vinyl fabrics as well as quilted fabrics and more. You can't go wrong with Michael Jon Designs
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Michael Miller Fabric

Michael Miller Fabric

The complete line of Michael Miller Fabric which has the hottest new fabrics on the market. Michael Miller Fabrics feature tattoo fabric, vintage looking retro fabrics with genre from the 40's and 50's, chic looking modern themed fabrics and great kid fabrics too. Delightfully all Michael Miller Fabrics fit into every decorators budget.
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Michaels Textiles Fabric

Michaels Textiles

Michaels Textiles has been serving the interior design community with top quality fabrics for years. Whether you need a silk, embroidered faux silk, suede, or just a solid cotton, Michaels Fabric has what you need for all your decorating projects and is priced in the low to mid range of drapery, curtain, bedding and upholstery fabrics.
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Mitchell Fabric

Mitchell Fabric

Drapery, bedding and upholstery fabric from one of the fabric industries leader for over 60 years, Mitchell Fabric thrives on its competitively priced fabrics. Mitchell Group Fabric has thousands of beautiful designer fabrics from which to choose, that include moires to embroidered faux silk fabrics and so much more. All Mitchell Fabrics are available by the yard and are discount priced. Mitchell drapery and upholstery fabrics range in price from the very low budget to low high end of fabrics, however; overall most are in the lower mid price range and considered a great value for the price.
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Naugahyde Fabric


Naugahyde vinyls are super durable upholstery fabrics for all types of commercial projects from boat and marine, auto, medical, office, school and more. Environmentally friendly, these vinyl upholstery fabrics by Naugahyde are sold online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with samples also being available.
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Norbar Fabric

Norbar Fabric

Norbar drapery, curtain, bedding and upholstery fabrics are selected to meet all tastes and styles by offering the latest in traditional, transitional and modern and contemporary fabrics. Norbar offers an extensive line of fabrics featuring thousands of different designs and colors. Norbar Fabrics are priced in the low to mid range of fabrics with a few being in the lower high end. As always, Norbar Fabrics are available by the yard and are discount priced. We handle the entire line of Norbar Fabrics so if you do not find what you are looking for online, please call or email our customer service team for assistance and great unbeatable discount pricing. Samples or swatches are also offered.
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Novel Fabric

Novel Fabric

Novel Fabrics cover the gambit of fabrics from low end to high end. Novel offers elegant faux silks and sheers as well as unique faux leather and vinyl along with a wide range of other decorative fabrics. Simple elegance with wide variety are what this luxurious line of fabrics for home and office decorating is comprised of. Novel Fabric offers drapery, bedding and upholstery fabrics all available by the yard at unbeatable discount prices.
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Orien Textiles Fabric

Orien Textiles offers affordable drapery and upholstery fabrics which include cotton prints, outdoor prints, tapestries, damasks and much more. Orien Textiles specializes in off - goods which are also called seconds, from many of the major fabric mills. The prices offered in this fabric line are very cheap, as you will see the same patterns being offered by other fabric companies at much higher prices. For example Off Goods may have 18 perfect yards in a 20 yard order but the 2 yards that are defective may be in the middle of the yardage. Some examples of Off-Goods might be that the color was not to manufacturers specifications, or the fabric register may not be perfect, causing the colors not to be in the pattern where they should. Another example may be flaws in the base fabric that the print is on and also patterns that do not line up when sewing two panels together. The prices are super, but plan on buying more than you need when buying off goods.
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P Collins Ltd Fabric

P Collins Ltd Fabric

P Collins Fabric has been offering beautiful designer fabrics since 1970. P Collins supplies it's fine fabrics to furniture manufacturers, decorators, designers & upholsterers in the Southeast part of the USA. With its wide offering of bedding, drapery and upholstery fabrics P Collins is sure to have what you need. P Collins fabrics have a happy feel about them with their bright vivid colors. Included in this offering are some great indoor/outdoor fabrics. All P Collins drapery and upholstery fabrics are priced in the low mid range to mid-mid range.
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P Kaufmann Fabric

P Kaufmann Fabric

P Kaufmann Fabric is known for its outstanding reputation, service and quality. P Kaufmann is a fabric mill which produces decorative drapery and upholstery fabrics. Since these are mill direct fabrics as is reflected in the pricing, a 15 yard minimum order is required. The core of P Kaufmann fabrics are broad-based in both their printed fabrics as well as their woven fabrics. P. Kaufmann fabrics are all priced in the lower end of drapery and upholstery fabrics.
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Payne Fabric

Payne Fabric

Beautiful designer fabrics from Payne are perfect for drapery, bedding and upholstery use for the most discerning decorator. Most of Payne Fabrics have large pattern repeats that are designed for larger scale decorating and are priced in the upper high end of drapery and upholstery fabrics. We handle the entire collection of Payne Fabrics and offer them to you online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with samples also being available.
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Phifer Sheerweave Fabric

Phifer Sheerweave

Phifer Sheerweave in styles 2000, 3000, 4000 and the new 5000 series. This shade mesh sun control fabric is primarily used for roller shades,window blinds,insect screening,furniture and awnings. Originally designed for outdoor use this fabric is ideal for many indoor and outdoor solar shading applications to control heat and prevent fading as well as meeting fire,bacteria & fungal codes. Made of vinyl coated fiberglass and polyester this solar mesh fabric is virtually indestructable and Greenguard certified in the 2000 series fabrics.These Phifer Sheerweave fabrics are available by the yard, bolt or on our custom made roller shades
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Pindler and Pindler Fabric

Pindler and Pindler

Pindler and Pindler offers decorative drapery, bedding and upholstery fabric with a modern touch. View the online samples of Pindler and Pindler Fabric all in the mid price range. While we handle the entire Pindler & Pindler fabric offerings this selection features lots of stripes, vinyl fabrics and ticking fabrics. Pindler and Pindler has become the largest wholesale distributor of exclusive upholstery fabric west of the Mississippi.
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This category features a list of every major national and international fabric manufacturer in alphabetical order. A short explanation of the types of fabrics that they offer along with their fabrics typical price range is described. Each fabric manufacturer offers you three viewing options: 1 - View fabrics arranged by sample book titles, 2 - Obtain a quote for a Manufacturers Fabric, or 3 - View each Manufacturers entire fabric offering in one large collection. The fabric manufacturers that are listed range from high end designer fabric lines such as Ralph Lauren, Beacon Hill, Lee Jofa and Jab to moderately priced fabrics such as Norbar, Waverly, Stout and Kasmir for the budget minded decorator as well as bargain priced quilting, hobby and craft fabrics from Premier Prints, Michael Miller and Foust Textiles. That's not all, as this wide range of fabrics for drapery, bedding and upholstery use, also offer fabrics from Stroheim, Fabricut, Duralee, Payne and Schumacher. While the aforementioned fabrics are great for interior decorating, outdoor fabrics for porch and deck are also offered from manufacturers such as Chella, Naugahyde and Sunbrella. This listing of fabric manufacturers also offer marine and automotive fabrics as well as commercial vinyl upholstery fabrics. Sheers from Unique Quality Fabrics and silks from American Silk Mills, Catania and Silktex are also included. Great looking wool fabrics can be found from a variety of suppliers along with chenille fabrics from Kravet, Motif, Highland Court and Robert Allen. For suede fabrics Showcase has the best pricing, with Shannon Fabrics being the choice in faux fur. Faux leathers from Gumtree, Tempo and the Mitchell Group offer great imitation leather looks in patterns from realistic looking cowhides to snake and reptile as well as woven leather looks. Latimer Alexander who specializes in velvets is also included in this group of manufacturers goods. This listing of textile companies includes international interior design fabrics from Clarke & Clarke, Zimmer and Rohde to Chivasso. Fabrics from designers Collier Campbell, Laura Ashley, Michael Jon and RM Coco are also featured and offered. Also included are jobbers like Hamilton who handles fabulous tapestry weight upholstery fabrics, to converters, fabric distributors and fabric mills such as Rockland Industries who manufacturers the most popular drapery lining, Roc Lon. Fabric styles range from heavy weight tapestry fabrics to printed cotton fabrics from suppliers such as Alexander Henry, Big Kahuna and Carole can also be found. Embellished fabrics from Thybony to camo fabrics from True Timber in a variety of patterns featuring designs and colors meant to conceal might also been seen if one looks closely. From the crib with baby fabrics to college and major professional sports fabrics boasting their team logos and colors, almost every type of fabric is offered. Also included are denims from Fabric Craft and linens from World Linen and Textile. From lace, cottons, mohair, burlap, damask and drapery linings along with a range of man made fabrics like nylons, rayons, polyesters and sunbrella acrylics you will find them here. The variety of styles of fabrics that are found include modern and contemporary looks from Westgate, Fabricade and Wesco to retro and transitional and classically traditional designs and patterns from Barrow, Maxwell and Telafina. Featuring colors for todays lifestyle, the variety of colors found throughout these manufacturers fabrics encompass the entire rainbow for a mix of fabulous coordinating options. Fabric order quantities vary by manufacturer, with most being available by the yard, some mill fabrics may require quarter bolt, half bolt or full bolt minimums. All fabrics are offered at discounted prices and if you don't find the fabric or manufacturer you are looking for, just call or email us and our customer service team will be glad to assist you. Fabric samples are available from most manufacturers listed.
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Schumacher Fabric
Shannon Fabric
Showcase Fabric
Sierra Textiles
Silkloom Fabric
Silktex Fabric
Silver State Fabrics
Stout Fabric
Stroheim and Romann
Sunbrella Fabric
Sunsilks Fabric
Swavelle Mill Creek
Tempo Fabric
TFA Fabric
The Mitchell Group
True Timber
Unique Quality Fabric
Valiant Fabric
VIP Quilting Fabric
Waverly Fabrics
Wesco Fabric
Westgate Fabric
World Linen and Textile Co
Zimmer and Rohde