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Find your upholstery, drapery and bedding fabrics by type in this selection. This large offering includes silk and satin, toile, linen, chenille, wool and terry cloth fabrics among many others. You will also find velvet, flannel, vinyl, faux leather to faux fur, Naugahyde, tapestry and damask fabrics in a wide variety of patterns and designs. From outdoor fabrics which feature nylons along with Sunbrella and Phifer Sheerweave to delicate indoor sheer fabrics, lace and drapery lining we offer it all. While you are checking out the suede fabrics you can also find sensuedes and ultrasuede choices in a wide variety of delicious colors. Check out the denim fabrics which offers a wide selection including bull denim that is wholesale priced. All fabrics are available by the yard and are discount priced, many below wholesale as they come direct from the manufacturer. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is happy to assist you with all your fabric needs. If you do not find the fabric you are looking for please call or email us with any questions or inquiries.
  • Fabric home page includes fabrics by manufacturer, fabric by theme, warehouse fabrics, color search, pattern search and quotes. Find everything fabric.
  • Automotive fabric and upholstery vinyl for car interiors. Choose from discount vinyl for general purpose projects and high quality marine and auto vinyl designed to withstand time, temperature and use.
  • Bamboo fabrics are made using the natural fiber found in bamboo, a green product that is cultivated quickly and easily replenishible.
  • Canvas fabric is a heavy-duty plain weave fabric. Burlap fabric is heavy, strong and hard-wearing loose weave natural fabric. Both are perfect for craft and home decor projects
  • Soft chenille fabrics in a woven fuzzy yarn that has varying piles available for drapery, bedding and upholstery use for home and commercial decorating are available by the yard.
  • Chintz fabrics by the yard. Chintz fabrics have a glaze or sheen and are suitable for many drapery and upholstery projects.
  • Corduroy is a ribbed (cords) fabric that is durable and soft to the touch. The width of the cord is referred to as wale. Solid corduroy fabric. Wide wale fabric.
  • Crewel fabrics feature large and stylized embroidery using thick yarns. Crewel patterns are perfect for pillows, curtains, and drapes for your home decor.
  • Crypton is the only patented and tested process capable of delivering permanent protection against stains, moisture, bacteria and odors. Buy durable Crypton fabric online.
  • Damask fabrics are Jacquard woven fabric with flat reversible patterns usually with a glossy shine. Damask fabrics are perfect for upholstery and drapery use. Popular designs.
  • Denim fabric by the yard in a variety of solid colors and various weights including bull denim and printed and embroidered denims for drapery, curtains, upholstery and other home decor projects.
  • Custom window treatments combined with blackout lining and drapery lining fabrics provide blackout curtains and thermal insulation improving your home's efficiency. Lined drapes have a crisp look.
  • Faux fur, or fake fur, is made of synthetic fibers and designed to resemble fur. Animal print furs and bright shag furs by the yard for any project.
  • Faux Leather and Fake Leather are fabrics made to look like leather. Usually lighter, more affordable and easier to work with than real leather. Animal skins like gator, crock, snake are very popular.
  • Fake Silk or Faux Silk is usually made of polyester and looks very similar to real silk. An affordable option, faux silk drapes and curtain panels provide the look of silk without the expense.
  • Flame Retardant Fabric is a fabric that resists or retards the spreading of flames. Fire Resistant Fabric refers to a fabric or fiber that has been treated to discourage the spreading of flames.
  • Flannel fabric for quilting and baby flannel blankets and accessories. Flannel fabric by the yard including novelty flannel and college and university flannel fabric.
  • Fleece fabrics are synthetic fabrics that are durable and soft to the touch. Popular baby blanket minky dot or cuddle fleece fabric are super soft options.
  • Jacquard fabrics feature a woven pattern. Jacquard woven fabrics are found in all types of upholstery and decorative fabrics. A damask fabric is a jacquard if the pattern is woven into the fabric itself.
  • Lace fabric is perfect for lace curtains. Featuring openwork weave of usually floral or geometric patterns lace is used for all kids of home decor.
  • Leather fabric and leather upholstery fabric is sold by the yard or by the hide. Leather, made of a tanned animal hide, is durable and flexible.
  • Linen is one of the oldest known fabrics. Linen is made of natural fibers or may be combined with man-made fibers to improve its wrinkle resistance. Linen fabrics are strong and widely used.
  • Matelasse Fabrics have a quilted look or a puckered effect from the weaving technique. Quilted fabric used in draperies and upholstery.
  • Mohair is made from the hair of the Angora goat. Environmentally friendly, mohair is used in clothing and home decor. Smooth and durable with sound absorption properties.
  • Moire fabrics online by the yard. Moire fabrics feature a watered or wavy appearance.
  • Naugahyde is a vinyl coated fabric used for upholstery and more for automobiles, marine, RV, healthcare and office. Environmentally friendly vinyl fabric.
  • Rip stop nylon fabric perfect for Kites, Bags, Clothing and Much More.
  • Outdoor Fabric for patio, pools, and sun rooms. Outdoor fabrics resist fading and mildew. Beautiful outdoor fabrics for your home including Sunbrella brand fabric.
  • All types of craft and quilting materials include Alexander Henry, Michael Miller and other popular designs. Disney and other character quilt fabrics.
  • Raffia Fabric is soft, durable material that is easy to dye and resists shrinkage. Woven fabric suitable for upholstery use.
  • Satin Fabric and Silky Satin Fabric by the yard. Silky and lustrous, satin is a basic weave fabric made of many different materials from silk to polyester.
  • Sensuede is a high-performance brand of faux suede made of recyclable materials. Tough and luxurious, Sensuede is the perfect choice for upholstery and more.
  • Sheer fabrics for drapery and curtains for your windows offered in beautiful solid colors, casements, crushed sheers, embroidered looks and more in standard and extra wide widths.
  • Silk Fabric and Dupioni Silk Fabric by the yard at discount prices. Classic Silk Drapery Fabric for your home. Budget silk fabric to designer silks.
  • Phifer Sheerweave and Mermet E screen solar fabrics for reducing heat, UV rays, fading and glare. Great for interior and exterior solar roller shades as well as mesh fabric for DIY home theater projector screens.
  • Suede fabric is made of cotton, man-made fibers, wool or blends and is finished to resemble suede leather. Faux suede fabrics are durable and great for upholstery.
  • Sunbrella indoor and outdoor fabrics are the brand of choice for pool and patio fabrics. Durable, mildew and fade resistant in many popular styles and colors.
  • Tapestry weight fabrics are heavy woven fabrics with beautiful designs and patterns. Tapestry fabric is Jacquard woven traditionally used as wall hangings, table covers, draperies and upholstery.
  • Terry Cloth is a heavy-weight absorbent cotton pile fabric. Soft to the touch, terry cloth fabric is a great fabric choice.
  • Ticking stripe fabric is a strong woven fabric and has many uses. Black and white ticking and navy and white ticking are popular choices.
  • Toile fabric is a woven fabric with a scenic print usually in one color. Commonly used in home furnishings and draperies.
  • Environmentally responsible, Ultrasuede is a highly durable faux suede fabric that is the brand of choice for performance, beauty and ease of care.
  • Velvet is fabric with a short, closely woven pile. The smooth fabric is a fabulous choice for velvet drapes and curtains. Upholstery weight velvet fabric available online.
  • Vinyl for all types of upholstery and home use. Clear vinyl, tablecloth vinyl, automotive vinyl - cheap vinyl to high-end, top grade vinyl.
  • Wool is made from the fleece of sheep but can also refer to similar fibers from other animals. Natural solid wool fabrics for upholstery.
  • Tweed Fabric and Woven Fabric are characterized by heavy, rough-texture and usually mixed colors.

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