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Complete listing of Decorative Curtain Rods and hardware in a large variety of styles from leading manufacturers all together in one place for your ease of viewing. Choose from wood, metal, crystal, wrought iron and resin in styles that are great for classic traditional looks to modern and contemporary. Available in sizes that range from small to large and in all sorts of fabulous colors, these decorative curtain rods are sure to create a great look in your home.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park offers a stylish assortment of adjustable metal curtain rods with metal and resin finials in prepackaged sets at a very competitive price. The collection features eight different finial styles in four finishes. Hardware sets are offered in either 28" to 48" or 48" to 86" and include a pair of finials a 1" adjustable metal rod and brackets.

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The Ice modern and contemporary curtain rods were designed for the modern minded as a lighter more affordable option to glass. The decorative finials are translucent beauties in understated and glamorous contemporary style which pairs perfectly with clear or stainless steel accessories for a high-end look.

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Iconic Inspirations

Inspired by some of the worlds most recognizable architecture, the Iconic Inspirations traditional styled metal curtain rods will surely inspire your interior and exterior designs. The metal curtain rods are 1 1/16" in diameter.
  • 3 Interior Finishes plus 1 Indoor/Outdoor Finish
  • Hand Finished
  • Hidden Metal Mounts - No Visual Distractions
  • Easy Installation

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Interior Motives

Interior Motives is a sophisticated contemporary collection of modern metal curtain rods, finials and tie backs that are priced to sell. Bay window elbows are also offered in this 3/8" curtain rod offering which has some truly cool looking modern designs not found in any where else. A complete mix of coordinating drapery hardware is offered to help complete the look of these really cool looking curtain rods by Menagerie.

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The clarity of the hand painted Crystal Ice elements adds color and brilliance to your decorating style. Beautiful designer curtain hardware that will add intrigue to any room is also included. Use these modern styled 1 1/4" curtain rods lavishly to dazzle or sparingly for a touch of radiance.

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The finials of the Kailey wood curtain rod collection have intricate decorative details and smooth surfaces. This gorgeous hardware speaks so highly of your decorative sense, you'll love to show it off! The 2 inch wood poles are offered in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths in a smooth, fluted and twist shape. 4 delicious custom colors to finish the look of this decorative wood curtain rod collection are offered.

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Kirsch Wrought Iron

Old World Spanish influences embrace modern touches in the new Wrought Iron Collection. Kirsch designers, in concert with interior designers from around the country, shaped this exciting collection that ranges from classic profiles to unmistakably modern motifs. Single and double brackets, holdbacks, rings, finials and a stoutly-made 1" rod dazzle in five finishes: Black, Rust, Iron Oxide, Iron Gold and Antique Pewter. A striking expression that is both organic and sophisticated, the new Wrought Iron curtain rod collection can complement any interior design vision.

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LJB Iron Finials

Drapery draws attention, but unique details stand out as can be seen in the cast and wrought iron curtain rods by LJB. Iron finials, poles in 3/4" to 1" and 1 1/2", brackets, rings, holdbacks and more are offered in a range of 24 environmentally safe, designer colors. These splendid finishes protect as well as decorate, to ensure enduring beauty.

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The streamlined flat metal track in the Manhattan drapery rod collection presents the option to be used as a curtain track with it's steel curtain rings or as a drapery track with it's carriers. The original modern drapery hardware epitomizes the long lines and slender form of urban architecture in it's look. The brackets offer choices for a single window treatment as well as a bracket for double curtain rod treatments.

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Experience the attractiveness and versatility that the 3/4" diameter Mediterranean metal curtain rods offer. Featuring five appealing finishes and an assortment of 11 hand crafted iron finials with drapery hardware and accessories suitable for a variety of design schemes. The 3/4" diameter curtain rods are offered in 5, 6.5 and 8 foot lengths with a splice being available for longer lengths.

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Metal Rods

Beautiful metal rods in all shapes and sizes in over 300 different designs are offered in rod sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/2" in diameter in slim and sleek styles for modern and contemporary looks to classic styles for great transitional ones. Complete coordinating drapery hardware and accessories are included to complete the look of your window coverings.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Cast Metal

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The modern metal curtain rods in the Metro refine interiors with the transitional look of geometric finials. The 1 1/2" diameter metal curtain poles offered in 4 and 8 foot lengths feature colors of modern matte black, to metallic finishes in luminous gold or silver that have an antiqued effect. The four finial styles are great for creating a modern to contemporary look with the Lloyd finial also being suitable for an oriental feel. Your draperies or window treatments will have a great companion with the Metro curtain rod collection by Brimar.

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While being budget priced, the Mission wooden curtain rod collection is a hallmark of the mission style of furniture is its artful craftmanship, which is echoed in the styles featured here. These 2" wood curtain rods and hardware by Graber are budget priced curtain rods that offer 3 finial styles in 5 popular colors to accommodate your homes decor.

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Modern Curtain Rods

If its a new style you are looking for then this extensive selection of modern and contemporary drapery and curtain rods is for you. Funky finials, fun designs, modern lines and sleek style is what you will find it in this curtain rod collection. A very wide range of styles and designs are offered for curtain rods that range in size from a small 3/8" to larger 1 1/8" in diameter. These are the curtain rods for decorating todays modern home.

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Modern Fusion

The Modern Fusion traverse rod collection by Fabricut was designed for those with an eye for simple lines and natural materials. Fused smooth woods and sleek metals meld to indulge you in a variety of contemporary styled drapery rods for traversing your window coverings.

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Natural Elements

The Natural Elements curtain rod collection features 37 sensational finials and holdbacks made of natural, organic components that are finished to compliment modern day living. Choose Your Finial, select your wood pole finish, select from metal curtain rings in unusual shapes, select your brackets all in a variety of finishes. Each piece is infused with shells, bamboo, vines and other primitive materials adding charisma and allure to this natural and modern curtain rod collection by Kasmir.

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The Nostalgia curtain rod collection by Brimar features wood curtain rods that have been paired with cast resin finials in an offering of seven gorgeous finishes. These 1 3/8" curtain poles offer hardware to complete the great looks with wood curtain rings with eyelets, brackets, rosettes and batons.

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Old Black European Elegance

Vesta's European Elegance curtain rod collection features an ensemble of meticulously crafted hardware and accessories perfect for any contemporary or traditional styled window treatment. The 1 1/8" black curtain rods are coupled with an offering of 5 different finials for looks that make a great statement that will highlight your draperies.

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With over 35 color choices these wrought iron curtain rods will help you add an exciting touch of color with the Onalux resin finials offered in a ball or bell shape. Paired with a 1" round or square curtain rod and other drapery hardware to complement these contemporary curtain rods include; brackets, holdbacks and curtain rings that will help you complete the look of your modern home.

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Palladia Bronze

The contemporary curtain rods in the Palladia Bronze curtain rod collection incorporate contemporary, clean lines and elegant details to create exquisite stylings. Each element of the collection is crafted with extremely fine attention to proportions, aesthestics and technique, providing you with a true work of art. The modern and contemporary looking finials offer metal that is paired with crystals for a truly unique look not found in any other curtain rod line. The 1" diameter curtain poles are available in 6 and 8 foot lengths and offer mounting brackets for wall and inside applications. Holdbacks and flat curtain rings with eyelet are also available. .

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Palladia Satin Brass

The Palladia Satin Brass curtain rods incorporate contemporary, clean lines and elegant details to create the exquisite designs found in these finials. Some of the finials have Swarovski crystals that have been combined into the modern look that is offered. The 1" in diameter brass curtain rods are offered in 6 and 8 foot lengths with a connector being available for larger windows. Hardware includes wall brackets and an inside mount bracket, along with brass curtain rings and holdbacks. Each element of this curtain rod collection is crafted with extremely fine attention to proportions, aesthestics and technique, providing you with a true work of art.

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Palladia Satin Nickel/Chrome

The modern styled curtain rods in the Palladia Satin Nickel/Chrome incorporate contemporary, clean lines and elegant details to create exquisite stylings. Each element of these curtain rods is crafted with extremely fine attention to proportions, aesthestics and technique, providing you with a true work of art to compliment your window coverings.

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Inspired by the city of lights this decorative wood curtain rod collection by Robert Allen combines wrought iron fences, floral garlands and polished marble accents. The classic styles with whimsical designs in the finials make a sophisticated statement at the window. The smooth and fluted 1 1/2" and 2 1/4" diameter wood curtain rods are offered in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths, with a splice being available for larger windows. Finishes offer gorgeous shades of mahogany, oak, walnut and vintage gold in the wood poles and large resin finial offering. Brackets feature fancy scroll designs in their single and double curtain rod brackets. Curtain rings offer a plain to decorative look with eyelets. The Parisian Collection by Robert Allen offers other hardware that includes tiebacks, end caps and swivel brackets for bay windows and other angled windows.

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The Plaza metal curtain rod collection features a highly geometric 5/8" square tube curtain rod that is aesthetically pleasing and is available in two contemporary finishes. Create a unique look for your next window treatment with these stylish and affordably modern curtain rods.

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The Provence iron curtain rod collection by Robert Allen offers a Euro country look that is created by shaping metal into graceful curves and elegant scrolls. The 6 finial styles that are offered, feature a heavy wire look in some unique and interesting designs. The 1" and 1 1/2" metal rods are available in 4 and 8 foot lengths with connectors being available for larger windows. The rods, finials and all the other drapery hardware is offered in 4 color choices; antique white, earth rust, golden brass and black iron. Finishes are hand applied by carefully combining layers of color for a feeling of antiquity and color depth. Slight color variances are possible. The coordinating tiebacks offer flexibility for a number of window treatment designs. The hardware also includes wrought iron curtain rings with eyelets to accommodate either sized curtain rod. The inside mount, single and double brackets offer several projection depths to accommodate a variety of drapery returns. Also available are end caps for use when mounting inside and for finishing the end of your secondary rod when doing a double window treatment. The finials, curtain rods, brackets and rings are all composed of metal.

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The Regal collection of decorative curtain rods by Graber is inspired by Royalty. This budget priced curtain rod collection offers 2" wood poles that have been paired with resin finials in 5 decorative colors that feature gold highlights to enhance the beauty of their classic look.

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Signature Metal Series

The Signatue Metal Series offers metal curtain rods by Brimar offer great looks in a traditional style. These decorative curtain rods are available in 6 finishes with a large selection of finials, rosettes and tiebacks to complete the look. Also offered in the drapery hardware offering are curtain rings and bay window elbows along with other items.

View Signature Metal Series

Signature Wood Series

Available in 2 sizes and 6 great finishes, including unfinished; the Wood Signature Series by Brimar brings a traditional look to your homes decor. With intricate carvings and 3 pole designs of smooth, reeded and twist or rope style these 2" and 3" wood curtain rods are a great choice. Coordinating drapery hardware is offered with includes brackets and curtain rings.

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Small Curtain Rods

Small curtain rods under 1" in diameter are featured in this decorative curtain rod offering. These small sized rods start off at 3/8" and proceed to 1/2", 5/8" to 3/4" in diameter for petite sized window treatments. Metal, wood and resin finials cap off the rods in styles perfect for modern and contemporary to traditional home designs. A mix of drapery hardware to hang and compliment the small curtain rods is also offered.

View Small Curtain Rods

Swarovski Crystal Elements

These beautifull contemporary styled finials made with Swarovski crystals are combined with poles, rings and holdbacks in over 35 designer colors. The curtain rods in the Swarovski Crystal Elements are available by the foot in 3/4" and 1" diameters, in a hammered and twisted style as well as the standard smooth look. Wall brackets in various projections are available for both single and double rod applications, along with a corner wall bracket for unique window treatments. The curtain rings are made of wrought iron and offer eyelets as well as clips for your decorating options. The curtain rod hardware also offers holdbacks with crystal balls that add a stunning and breath taking look.

View Swarovski Crystal Elements

Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Elements are a meticulously crafted contemporary metal curtain rod collection available in fabulous finishes for a modern home decorating look. Adorned with Swarovski crystals the finials offer 7 great modern styles that will dazzle the eye and add a pazazz to your draperies or curtains. A complete compliment of drapery hardware is also offered that includes single and double brackets, drapery pull wands, rosettes for the end of the brackets, curtain rings and clips and tiebacks. These 1 1/8" curtain rods with their bejeweled look will sparkle for an elegant look to your home decorating.

View Swarovski Elements

Swing Arm Rods

Whether you call them swing arm rods or crane rods, these unique 1/2" up to a large 1 1/8" curtain rods are attached only on one side. When the draperies or curtains are closed, they appear like any other rod. But to open them, simply pull back on the rod or the draperies themselves and they swing like a door on a hinge. The rod is screwed into a bracket attached on the wall, door or window moulding and can open from either the left side or the right.

View Swing Arm Rods

The Modern

Stylish, contemporary finials, curtain poles and coordinating hardware and accessories for the modern home are offered in The Modern. Sleek lines and high shine metal rods in a 1" and 1 3/8" diameter take regular draperies and curtains to eye catching centerpieces. With 15 modern styled finials to choose from, you are sure to find a design that will help you give your window coverings that special look todays homeowner seek.

View The Modern

Traditional Curtain Rods

Elegant and traditional styled curtain rods in metal, wrought iron and wood are offered in this classic traditional curtain rod collection. Choose from sizes that include 5/8" all the way up to 3" for a great variety of curtain rods that are sure to please the way classicists live.

View Traditional Curtain Rods

Traditional Large Wrought Iron Drapery Rods

Large traditional themed curtain rods and traversing drapery rods in heavy, durable wrought iron are offered to help compliment your window treatments. A huge offering of over 60 iron finial styles that fit on 1 5/8" diameter steel rods are available in 36 beautiful finish choices. Custom made in the USA these wrought iron curtain and traverse rods offer options for every decorating style. Choose from classic traditional styles and designs that will help you complete the look of your window treatments. Curtains will look great when hung from this large offering of wrought iron curtain rods and coordinating drapery hardware. Custom made in the USA with pride.

View Traditional Large Wrought Iron Drapery Rods


The Tropical collection of decorative bamboo curtain rods brings natural luxuriance into your home with this offering of tropical themed curtain rods. This tropical collection offers bamboo curtain rods that are bursting with color and interesting fine detail. It's bamboo hardware consists of a variety of finials with bamboo looking brackets and bamboo curtain rings. Whether you are looking to decorate a tropical vacation home or just want to bring the tropics indoors, this decorative bamboo curtain rod collection will have you thinking beachside.

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If contemporary or modern style with a lot of class is what you are looking for, then the Tuxedo is the choice for you. Its twist of fabulous styling through stainless steel, beechwood, acrylic and textured designs make these curtain rods the bomb. Brimar has done it with the 1 1/8" diameter steel rods that come in 4 and 8 foot lengths, but also offer splices for making them any length you may desire. The modern styled drapery hardware includes a mix of brackets, curtain rings and bay window elbows to accommodate any angle window.

View Tuxedo

Urban Dwellings

Contemporary wood curtain rods are what the Urban Dwellings collection is all about. Made of kiln dried sustainable wood products then hand finished with lead free paints these artistic, uncomplicated and refreshingly urban minded designed curtain rods are the perfect choice for todays homeowner. Poles in a 1 3/8" diameter, in lengths of 4, 6 and 8 feet are offered along with coordinating drapery hardware.

View Urban Dwellings


Versailles embodies metallic brilliance by virture of water gilding. This unique ancient art entails aritsans hand applying layers of gesso and red clay followed by a meticulous process utilizing water to aid in the application of the gold or silver leaf. Select details are then polished revealing the clay for an elegant aged affect. Beautiful handpainted pieces in a rich dark walnut grain also complement the Versailles wood curtain rod collection by Brimar. The 12 finials fit the ends of the 2 inch smooth or reeded curtain poles that are available in 4 and 8 foot lengths. A full compliment of drapery hardware to complete the great looks of the Versailles are offered.

View Versailles

Wood Pole

Made from the highest quality poplar, these sleek and traditional wood curtain rods are available in 14 glorious finishes. The 1 3/8", 2", 2 1/4" and 3" curtain poles come in either smooth, fluted or twist also called roped. 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths are offered to accommodate the 3 finial styles. Drapery hardware consisting of several bracket styles, curtain rings and other accessories

View Wood Pole

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron curtain rods and wrought iron components and are offered individually and in sets to create a striking personalized look. Stylish designs add interest and appeal to the over 100 finial styles that are available in a broad choice of colors. From rod sizes of 5/8" to 1 1/2" are available with telescoping rods up to 84" that are ideal for light to medium weight fabrics. That's not all as their are iron rods that go all the way up to 18 feet in length. The mix of swing arm rod sets are perfect for French doors. A full compliment of wrought iron drapery hardware is included that offers several bracket styles, curtain rings, tiebacks and other accessories. Prices range from the budget end for the rod sets to higher end for the fancier and larger wrought iron curtain rods.

View Wrought Iron

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Decorative curtain rods are offered from leading manufacturers in a wide range of styles and sizes for helping you complete the look of your window coverings and enhance your home. To name just a few, this huge decorative curtain rod selection offers; bamboo, wood, crystal, wrought iron and lots of other types of metals, including stainless steel for your outdoor as well as indoor decorating needs. The drapery hardware features great looking finials, curtain rings, brackets, tieback holders and a variety of other hardware in styles for the modern and contemporary to traditional themed home. Beside the large variety of styles offered, a mixture of great colors are available that complete the look of these decorative rods. We might as well name drop and let you know that you can get Robert Allen, Vesta, Menagerie, Casa Valentina, Brimar, Finestra and Vesta curtain rods to name just a few. Oh!, let's not leave out Paris Texas Hardware, Fabricut and Kasmir along with budget priced favorites like Graber and Kirsch and other decorative curtain rods from a host of others. Choose from rod sizes that begin in a small 3/8 inch size for more petite sized curtains to large 3 inch beefy curtain rods for homes with larger scale windows. Everything size in between is also offered, with a large variety being in the popular 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch diameters. Choices in standard plain smooth poles to fluted and reeded poles are available as well as the classy twist or rope look. Some of the sash rod collections offer rods in lengths as small as one foot, with the majority of others offering poles in standards of 4, 6 and 8 feet. There are lots of variations to the rule as unusual lengths are also available with some going up to 16 feet as one continuous length and others offering splices for endless length curtain rods. Custom cut lengths are offered from some manufacturers. Colors range in all shades of the rainbow with some offerings being available in over 35 designer colors. Others offer shinny metallic looks while others are unfinished so you can add your own custom colors. All curtain rods and traversing drapery rods that are shown, include selections of coordinating drapery hardware to complete your project. Finials in smooth sleek modern and contemporary designs for todays fashion forward homes offer unique looks, while classically traditional finials are available in a wide selection of others. Curtain rod accessories include curtain rings in bamboo, wood, metal, wrought iron, resin and acrylic for helping draperies hang just right. A wide variety of bracket types for hanging your rods are available for single and double rods, with others being offered for ceiling mount and wire mount. Adjustable swivel brackets that work well in bay windows of any angle also work for inside and outside corners. Tiebacks, holdbacks and rosettes along with baton wands for traversing your draperies are offered in some of the collections. Browse through the huge variety of selections for styles and designs that will turn heads and enhance the look of your window treatments and if you need help on any of the curtain rod selections, please call or email our knowledgeable customer service team for assistance.
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