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This large collection of fabrics with diamond shapes offers the diamond pattern in all sizes, shapes and colors. From budget priced printed cottons to high end woven designer fabrics these hobby and craft, drapery, bedding and upholstery fabrics will fill your needs. Whether you are searching for a cute argyle, a designer harlequin or something even more fun, you will find the perfect diamond fabric for your homes decor. These diamond patterned fabrics are from a large variety of major fabric manufacturers and offer themes from modern and contemporary to floral and non linear as well as trellis shaped diamond patterns. Also available are solids with a diamond pattern, southwest diamonds and perfect diamond patterns. These fabrics featuring diamond shapes in all sizes, shapes and colors are available featuring diamond prints and patterns are all offered by the yard, are discount priced and have samples available.

Argyle Diamond

Diamond Argyle Fabrics

Best known for its appearance on sweaters, the argyle pattern is a timeless design that can be seen everywhere from sweaters and socks to baby bedding and home decor. The argyles pattern because of variations in design and color will visually create a diamond shape giving it, its chacteristic appearance. This argyle fabric selection offers classic diamond shaped cotton argyles with your favorite college teams colors and logo. Also offered are some fun and colorful budget priced fleece. All these fabrics are available by the yard and have sample availablity.

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Contemporary Diamond

Contemporary & Modern Diamond Fabrics

Modern, bold color combinations and diamond patterns make for the perfect contemporary fabric collection. These modern diamond prints are perfect to add a current touch to any room. This large collection featuers fabrics from a variety of major fabric manufacturers and offers fabrics priced from the low budget end to high upper end in designer fabrics. Styles vary from cool retro cotton printed fabrics to classic patterns in wovens with a twist of todays colors. These fabrics are all available by the yard and offer samples and are discount priced.

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Diamonds and Dots

Diamonds & Dots - Diamonds and Dots Collection

The Diamonds and Dots collection features diamond print fabrics accented with polka dots of all colors and sizes.

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Floral Diamond

Floral Diamond Fabric

Timeless florals and elegant diamond prints combined to form one amazing designer collection. These floral diamond fabrics offer drapery, bedding and upholstery weight fabrics that are available by the yard. From prints to woven patterns these floral diamond fabrics also vary in price from budget priced to the high end of designer fabrics. A variety of styles are available from retro to classic and modern to contemporary as well as transitional and traditional. These floral diamond fabrics are that perfect addition to any homes decor.

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Harlequin Diamond

Diamond Harlequin Fabric - Harlequin Diamond Collection

The Harlequin pattern gets its name from 17th century entertainers who were known to wear colorful diamond patterned costumes and masks. Today we see the Harlquin diamond pattern everywhere including fabrics for drapery, bedding and upholstery use.

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NonLinear Diamond

Diamond Fabric - Non-Linear Diamond Collection

Think outside of the diamond with the Non-Linear Diamond collection. Perfectly inperfect diamond prints for the nontraditionalist.

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Perfect Diamonds

Diamond Fabric - Symmetrical Diamond Print - Perfect Diamonds Collection

For the person who loves symmetry the Perfect Diamonds collection is a sure winner. These perfectly symmetrical diamonds are available in a variety of designer colors to suit almost any taste.

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Solid Colored Diamond

Solid Colored Diamond Fabrics

These solid colored diamond print fabrics are a perfect union, offering the elegance of a diamond print with the simplicity of a solid colored fabric. These solid colored diamond drapery, bedding and upholstery fabrics are able to be used in modern and contemporary designs as well as transitional and traditional. Available by the yard, these diamond fabrics are all discount priced and offer samples.

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Southwestern Diamond

Western Print Diamond Fabric - Southwestern Diamond Collection

These southwestern and navajo print diamond fabrics are the perfect addition to lodges, cabins, lake houses and more.

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Trellis Diamond

Diamond Print Trellis Fabric - Trellis Diamond Collection

Elegant scrolling diamond trellis prints on linen, faux silk, silk and cotton fabrics.

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