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Imitation or faux silk is actually made of nylon or polyester fibers spun in a trilobal shape. This trilobal shape weave combines to make these fake silk fabrics characteristics result in a natural silk like hand, sheen and color. A variety of faux silk fabrics are featured which include embellished, solids, sheers, embroidered and crushed faux silks along with a mixture of other choices. Faux silk and faux silk fabric are offered in this great selection of fake silk and imitation silk fabrics that are available by the yard, at discount prices with samples being available. Some types of fake silk offered are embroiderd silk, crushed silk, puckered and printed, solids, sheers and embellished silks along with others that are great for draperies, curtains, bedspreads and upholstery use among other decorative purposes.

Crushed Faux Silk

Crushed Faux Silk Fabric

Crushed faux silk fabric in a variety of colors for drapery and light upholstery use available by the yard and at a discount price.

View Crushed Faux Silk

Embroidered Faux Silk

Faux/Imitation Silk - Emboirdered Faux Silk Collection

Gorgeous embroidered faux silk available in many patterns and colors at a discount price.

View Embroidered Faux Silk

Faux Silk Prints

Choose from a wide range of prints and colors with the Faux Silk Prints Collection. From Oriental to Floral there are many elegant patterns to choose from at prices far below real silk.

View Faux Silk Prints

Faux Silk Sheer

Gorgeous faux silk sheer fabric in many patterns and colors, including florals, stripes and scrolls.

View Faux Silk Sheer

Faux Silk Solids

Gorgeous faux silk looks like the real thing. Available by the yard at great prices. Every color under the rainbow - get a fabric sample today.

View Faux Silk Solids

Floral Faux Silks

Floral Faux Silk Fabric

Floral faux silk patterns in a variety of sizes and colors. All available at a discount price.

View Floral Faux Silks


Faux Silk - Imitation Silk - Luxor Collection

The Luxor Collection includes lightweight faux silk fabric with an elegant diamond pattern. Many colors are available and these fabrics are suitable for window treatments or light upholstery.

View Luxor

Moroccan Treasures

Faux Silk Curtain & Drapery Fabric - Moroccan Treasures Collection

The Moroccan Treasures Collection of faux silk fabrics are perfect for curtains, draperies and accessories. Available in an array of colors and patterns that give a feel of the Sahara.

  • 58" Wide
  • 100% Polyester

View Moroccan Treasures

Plaids and Stripes

Plaid & Stripe Faux Silk Fabric

The Plaids and Stripes Collection includes faux silk in plaid and stripe patterns in an array of colors and sizes.

View Plaids and Stripes

Ribbon Taffeta

Embellished ribbon textures, ruched florals and wavy textures along with a variety of other cool patterns and designs combined with and an array of beautiful colors makes the Ribbon Taffeta collection pop.

View Ribbon Taffeta

Silken Treasures Volume 4

Faux / Fake Silk Fabric - Silken Treasures Vol.4

The Silken Treasures Vol.4 is a gorgeous selection of Faux Silk Fabrics including plaid and embroidered silks.

View Silken Treasures Volume 4

Stripe and PlaidCool Tones

Faux Silk Upholstery & Drapery Fabric - Cool Tones

Cool sophisticated colors make up this gorgeous collection of Stripe and Plaid Patterned Fabric.

View Stripe and PlaidCool Tones

Stripe and PlaidWarm Tones

Faux Silk Upholstery & Drapery Fabric - Warm Tones

Warm Rich colors make up this gorgeous collection of Stripe and Plaid Patterned Fabric.

View Stripe and PlaidWarm Tones

Velvet Prints

Velvet Faux Silk Curtain & Drapery Fabric - Velvet Prints Collection

Faux Silk fabric with velvet print patterns.

View Velvet Prints

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