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Graber Shades complete line of roller shades featuring Graber solar shades and Graber LightWeaves.  Every Graber shade is made to customers exact specifications. Graber roller shades are discount priced and include FREE SHIPPING* For pricing assistance or questions call or email our knowledgeable customer service.

You can enjoy the practicality of Graber LightWeaves and Graber Lightweave Solar Shades for interior and exterior use without having to sacrifice style. Graber's collection of roller shades offer an array of attractive jacquards, stripes and woven textures that can look rustic, refined, or anywhere in between. With decorative options like the curved sleek fabric covered cassette valances and wood cornices every window in your home can be a form of creative expression.

Energy efficient Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades allow you to maintain your view to the outside while minimizing glare on TVs and home computers. With Graber exterior solar shades you can block the sun's rays before they reach your window, even further reducing energy costs. Graber's LightWeaves exterior solar shades are ideal for enclosed decks, porches and west- and south facing windows.

Stylish Graber LightWeaves Roller Shades offer a variety of light control options, from sheer and light filtering to room darkening and blackout. This light control capability makes the roller shade an ideal choice in any room. LightWeaves Roller Shades are available in a wide selection of beautiful jacquards and woven textures to match any casual or contemporary décor.


Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades - Sheer
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The fabrics in the Lightweaves Sheer roller shades transmit light, allowing a clear view of what lies beyond; people and objects are visible outside as well as objects in the room can be seen quite clearly through shades. Grabers Lightweaves Sheer allow the most amount of light into the room for a minimum amount of privacy, while providing a view to the outside.

View Sheer Graber LightWeaves Roller Shade Fabrics and Pricing

Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades - Light Filtering
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Graber shades in the Lightweaves Light filtering allow light to gently filter through and provides privacy. Light is filtered to varying degrees depending on fabric style and color; silhouettes of people and objects as vague shapes are visible through these shades, but details are not visible. Light-filtering fabrics block some light with deep colors providing moderate light control, while light colors provide lower light control.

View Light Filtering Graber LightWeaves Roller Shade Fabrics and Pricing

Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades - Room Darkening
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The Graber Lightweaves Room Darkening Shades allow some light to filter into the room and provide privacy. While some light filters into the room, the light is substantially blocked. Vague shadows of objects or people may be visible; maximum room darkening is achieved with darker colors. Room-darkening fabrics greatly dim light and offer improved privacy. Grabers room darkening shades fabrics are translucent and their colors may be influenced by changing light conditions. Colors may appear to vary depending upon the time of day and type of lighting, as well as whether the shade is partially or fully lowered.

View Room Darkening Graber LightWeaves Roller Shade Fabrics and Pricing

Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades - Blackout
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Graber Blackout Shades feature fabric that blocks all outside light (when lowered) for total privacy; prevents shadows and silhouettes from showing through the fabric. Blackout fabrics block all light and offer total privacy. All fabric colors offer maximum light control. Remember when using Graber shades inside a window that you will have a light gap of 11/16" on each side.

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Graber LightWeaves® Solar Roller Shades - Openness: 1% to 5%
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Graber Solar Shades in the 1% to 5% offer less view - More UV protection and privacy. Solar shade fabrics with an openness of 1-5% block a very high percentage of UV rays, filter and diffuse light while maintaining an outward view. Graber Lightweaves solar shades feature fabrics that reduce heat transmission, keeping rooms cooler. The smaller the openness factor and the lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature control. That said, the higher the openness factor and the darker the fabric, the clearer the view. Solar shades do not offer nighttime privacy - lighted interiors allow inward visibility. If exterior lights are the same as or greater than the interior light then privacy is afforded. Using lower wattage light bulbs helps alleviate this situation.

View Sheer Graber LightWeaves Solar Shade Fabrics and Pricing

Graber LightWeaves® Solar Roller Shades - Openness: 7% to 14%
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Graber Solar Shades in the 7% to 14% openness offer more visibility while still filtering and diffusing light, minimizing glare and blocking UV rays. Whle the Graber solar shades in this collection offer more view - they provide less UV protection and privacy than the 1% to 5% collection. Solar shade fabrics with an openness of 7-14% block a good percentage of UV rays while providing an excellent view to the outside. All solar shade fabrics are virtually indestructable and are easily cleanable with soap and water.

View Graber LightWeaves Solar Shade Fabrics and Pricing

Free Standard Shipping* within the contiguous United States on Graber Shades under 108" in width. On Graber Shades 108" or greater in width, motor freight charges will be calculated and charged upon authorization.
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