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1" Vinyl Mini Blinds


Quality vinyl mini blinds at discount prices, plus a great selection of sizes with quick shipping. In the vinyl mini blind chart below the length of the of the vinyl blinds have been put in large bold print for your convenience. Directly below the bold print lengths are the widths that are available in that length. Remember that both the widths and the lengths on these vinyl blinds are easily shortened to fit your window for that custom look. These vinyl mini blinds are perfect for your home, office and used extensively in apartment buildings because of their long lasting chacteristics. If you have any questions about our vinyl window blinds, please call or email us. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in finding just the right size vinyl window blind.

Vinyl Blinds - Vinyl Mini Blinds - Vinyl Window BlindsFeatures

  • Most Complete Assortment of Stock Sizes Available
  • 1" Wide Light-filtering, Static Resistant, Fade Resistant PVC Slats
  • Oversize Headrail on Blinds 69" Wide and Larger
  • Double Slat Valance and Hold Down Brackets Included With Every Blind
  • All widths are 1/2" less than stated size to allow for inside mounting.
widthWidth Will Be 1/2" Less Than Shown
LengthLength: Actual Length
W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L W x L
23" Long 42" Long 48" Long 54" Long 60" Long 64" Long 68" Long 72" Long 78" Long 96" Long
22.5x23 18x42 14x48 19x54 11x60 16x64 23x68 10x72 31x78 34x96
  23x42 17x48 23x54 17x60 17x64 24x68 11x72 34x78 35x96
36" Long 24x42 18x48 24x54 18x60 18x64 25x68 12x72 35x78 36x96
17x36 25x42 20x48 27x54 19x60 19x64   13x72 36x78 39x96
22x36 26x42 22x48 28x54 21x60 20x64   14x72 39x78 43x96
22.5x36 27x42 22.5x48 29x54 22x60 22x64   15x72   48x96
23x36 28x42 23x48 30x54 22.5x60 23x64   16x72    
24x36 29x42 24x48 31x54 23x60 24x64   17x72    
25x36 30x42 25x48 32x54 24x60 25x64   18x72    
26x36 35x42 26x48 33x54 26x60 26x64   19x72    
27x36 46x42 27x48 34x54 27x60 27x64   21x72    
28x36 47x42 28x48 34.5x54 28x60 28x64   22x72    
29x36   29x48 35x54 28.5x60 29x64   22.5x72    
30x36   30x48 36x54 29x60 30x64   23x72    
31x36   31x48 37x54 30x60 31x64   24x72 84" Long  
32x36   32x48 38x54 30.5x60 32x64   24.5x72 12x84  
33x36   33x48 38.5x54 31x60 33x64   25x72 13x84  
34x36   34x48 39x54 32x60 34x64   26x72 14x84  
34.5x36   34.5x48 40x54 33x60 34.5x64   27x72 16.5x84  
35x36   35x48 42x54 34x60 35x64   28x72 17x84  
35.5x36   35.5x48 43x54 34.5x60 36x64   29x72 18x84  
36x36   36x48 44x54 35x60 37x64   30x72 23x84  
39x36   37x48 45x54 35.5x60 38x64   30.5x72 24x84  
40x36   38x48 46x54 36x60 39x64   31x72 25x84  
43x36   39x48 47x54 37x60 40x64   32x72 27x84  
45x36   40x48 48x54 38x60 41x64   33x72 28x84  
46x36   41x48 52x54 38.5x60 42x64   34x72 29x84  
46.5x36   42x48 60x54 39x60 43x64   34.5x72 30x84  
47x36   43x48 62x54 40x60 44x64   35x72 31x84  
48x36   44x48 63x54 41x60 45x64   36x72 32x84  
58x36   45x48 68x54 42x60 46x64   37x72 33x84  
59x36   46x48 69x54 43x60 47x64   38x72 34x84  
60x36   46.5x48 70x54 44x60 48x64   39x72 35x84  
69x36   47x48 71x54 45x60 50x64   40x72 36x84  
70x36   48x48 72x54 46x60 52x64   41x72 37x84  
71x36   50x48   46.5x60 53x64   42x72 38x84  
72x36   51x48   47x60 54x64   43x72 39x84  
    52x48   48x60 55x64   44x72 40x84  
    54x48   50x60 57x64   45x72 42x84  
    56x48   52x60 58x64   46x72 43x84  
    57x48   53x60 59x64   46.5x72 44x84  
    58x48   54x60 60x64   47x72 45x84  
    58.5x48   56x60 62x64   48x72 46x84  
    59x48   58x60 63x64   52x72 47x84  
    60x48   58.5x60 64x64   54x72 48x84  
    61x48   59x60 66x64   55x72 52x84  
    62x48   60x60 68x64   58x72 54x84  
    63x48   61x60 69x64   59x72 57x84  
    64x48   62x60 70x64   60x72 59x84  
    67x48   63x60 71x64   62x72 60x84  
    68x48   64x60 72x64   63x72 63x84  
    69x48   65x60 78x64   64x72 72x84  
    70x48   69x60     68x72 78x84  
    70.5x48   69.5x60     69x72    
    71x48   70x60     69.5x72    
    72x48   70.5x60     70x72    
        71x60     70.5x72    
        72x60     71x72    
        75x60     72x72    
        78x60     78x72    
Vinyl Mini Blinds Details
Vinyl Mini Blinds came about in the 1980s. Blind companies found the manufacturing process to be much simpler, which meant more costs effective not only for them but for the customer as well. While other blind options are becoming increasingly popular, vinyl mini blinds are still the choice of the majority of consumers.

Vinyl Mini Blinds are the perfect choice for high-humidity locations such as the kitchen, bathroom and waterfront homes. The best features of non-textured glossy slats are easy to clean, unbreakable and highly resistant to sun bleaching. As well as working best in the summer to help block sunlight. However, the drawback is they do not have any insulating power and are not airtight.
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