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Complete listing of Decorative Curtain Rods and hardware in a large variety of styles from leading manufacturers all together in one place for your ease of viewing. Choose from wood, metal, crystal, wrought iron and resin in styles that are great for classic traditional looks to modern and contemporary. Available in sizes that range from small to large and in all sorts of fabulous colors, these decorative curtain rods are sure to create a great look in your home.

1 1/4 inch Portfolio

Twenty-four sophisticated, hand-painted finishes make up the 1 1/4 inch Portfolio contemporary curtain rod collection. The 24 hand painted resin finials offer designs for modern and contemporary styling. The Portfolio curtain rod hardware offers more brackets, more rings and more choices to help you create the perfect modern look for your home.

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1 Inch Curtain Rods

The decorative curtain rods in this collection are all in the 1" plus size range which includes the following diameter rods in over 500 great selections that include all the hardware and range in style from contemporary to traditional.
  • 1" Diameter
  • 1.5" Diameter
  • 1.75" Diameter

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1/2 Inch Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

This selection offers beautiful 1/2 inch sized wrought iron curtain rods that are great for use with cafe curtains and when hanging wall tapestries, along with a crane swing arm rod option. Made in the USA, these 1/2" curtain rods are offered in a selection of 59 finial styles that range from modern to traditional in 30 color choices. These small wrought iron curtain rods are available in round, twist, square and hammered styles and are cut exactly to the length you specify. The brackets offer several projection depths, for an extra close fit to the window or wall as well as the typical projection depths. The wrought iron curtain rings are available in an S shape as well as the standard round design with eyelets or clips. Other hardware in this wrought iron curtain rod collection are batons or drapery pulls with a hammered look as well as wall brackets to accommodate corner window treatments.

View 1/2 Inch Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

1inch Portfolio

This brand new Portfolio 1 inch contemporary metal curtain rod collection has a hand-wrought spirit and nature-inspired guise. Combine simple elegance with dozens of finish options and your selection becomes just what the space demands.

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2 Inch Curtain Rods

Decorative curtain rods and traverse rods that are 2 inches in diameter but less than 3 inches in diameter are featured in this large selection that includes over 100 different styles in a variety of great finishes.

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3 Inch Curtain Rods

3 inch decorative wood curtain rods that are available in a variety of great styles and finishes offered along with unfinished curtain rods that you can finish in colors to create that special look are offered in this collection. From budget priced to more exclusive, these curtain rods also offer all the necessary hardware that includes great styles of finials, brackets and curtain rings.

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Affordable Contemporary Metal

These contemporary metal curtain rod sets are sure to add some fun and style to your window treatments. Available in seven finial styles and four modern looking colors these 1" curtain rods are adjustable to size.

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Affordable Wood

These wooden curtain rod sets come in a richly finished, plantation grown hardwood that adds a natural yet sophisticated style to your windows. Offered in four classic finial styles these affordably priced curtain rod sets include two finials and two to three brackets with mounting hardware. Wooden curtain rings are also available to accommodate hanging your drapery. Two curtain rod sizes of 1 3/8" and 2" are available in lengths from 4, 6, 8 and 12 feet. Three basic color choices are offered in these discount priced wood curtain rods that include white, leather and mahogany.

View Affordable Wood

Affordable Wrought Iron

These affordably priced classic wrought iron curtain rods sets are forged from authentic materials and hand finished for a classy, traditional to modern look in your home decorating. The wrought iron rods are 1 1/2" in diameter giving them a beefy look that works for both small and large sized windows. A mix of coordinating drapery hardware is offered to accommodate a variety of window treatment options in 4 classic colors.

View Affordable Wrought Iron

Al Fresco

Natural Forms and architectural elements are imbued in the Al Fresco outdoor curtain rod collection by Robert Allen. These functional and decorative curtain rods with coordinating hardware were designed for outdoor use, but are also offer great looks when used indoors. All finishes on these 1" and 1 1/2" curtain rods and hardware are powder-coated for outdoor performance.

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The Apollo collection of metal curtain rods make a quiet statement of strength and elegance. The simplicity and excellent price point is sure to resolve numerous window treatment challenges. Five finial styles to choose from with colors that offer stainless steel, brass variations and black. These 1 1/8" diameter rods can be custom cut to length at no extra charge and can accommodate extra long curtain rods.

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Architrave by Robert Allen features 5 finial styles in 5 hand painted finishes of Antique Gold, Antiquity, Watermark Silver, Sandalwood and Aged Wood. The curtain rods are available in 4ft and 8ft lengths. The Architrace curtain rods design was derived from classical Greco-Roman architecture using natural elements such as the acorn, acanthus leaf and pomegranate as complementary design forms. The finishes of Robert Allens Architrave curtain rods have a distressed, time worn look which enhance their appeal.

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Simple and sleek, the Aria contemporary metal curtain rod collection gives you several options of decoratative finials in 9 gorgeous finishes. With coordinating hardware that includes matching rings or grommets, your window coverings will never have looked so good. The curtain rods in the Aria are 1 1/8" in diameter and available in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths with a splice being available to accommodate wider windows.

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The perfect partnership between the minimalist profiles of contemporary design and the ancient art of metal work. The Artefice contemporary metal curtain rods are textured to reflect the timeless elements of nature, then buffed and clearcoated to preserve the raw beauty of the forge.

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Bamboo Curtain Rods

The Bamboo Collection includes bamboo curtain rods, bamboo curtain rings, finials and tiebacks from genuine bamboo. This broad offering includes bamboo rods in diameters of 1 3/8", 2" and 3", with lengths of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 feet being available. Made of real bamboo these rods come in a wide variety of colors which range from bamboo's natural light and darker shades to painted bamboo in a wide range of gorgeous decorator colors. Coordinating finials for these bamboo rods feature a wide range of styles that are great for tropical decors. The coordinating bamboo curtain rings with eyelets look like bamboo that has grown into a perfect circle that show the bamboo's sulcus. Other hardware includes natural looking bamboo brackets in several styles and other decorative bamboo curtain rod hardware.

View Bamboo Curtain Rods


The Bedpost curtain rod collection by Robert Allen offers handsome beech and pine hardwoods in rich stains to showcase the natural beauty of the woods grain. This traditionally designed curtain rod collection derived it's hand carved look from traditional country finials and furniture knobs. With all the coordinating drapery hardware that includes finials, brackets and rings this is a fabulous curtain rod selection for that classic traditional look for your drapery and curtain needs.

View Bedpost

Bella Noir

The Bella Noir collection includes 2" wood curtain rods with elegant finials and other drapery hardware in a modern black finish. These black curtain rods come in traditional styles with elaborate matching resin finials, smooth and beaded curtain rings, bay window elbows and single as well as double brackets. These 2" wood curtain rods are offered in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths with splices being available for larger windows.

View Bella Noir


Budget priced, elegant, beautiful and unique are some of the words that can be used to describe the crystal finials that make up the Bohemia crystal curtain rods. Choose among 11 sparkling finial styles in a variety of cuts that have been combined with 6 designer color choices of finishes on the rods, brackets and curtain rings.

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Botanica is a bamboo inspired collection of 2" bamboo curtain rods that is offered in earthy hues of green, antique red, antique black, natural and brown. The organic shapes of it's finials will take you to a tropical paradise. The bamboo curtain rod brackets and center supports look like they have been fashioned out of bamboo and the large bamboo curtain rings have eyelets to make hanging your draperies easier.

View Botanica


The Botanical by The Finial Company offers unique steel curtain rods, finials, rings and brackets feature one of a kind botanical designs including birds, pine cones, grape vines and flowers. Perfect for the nature lover or for someone who wants to bring the outdoors in, these unique curtain rods will make a great natural statement.

View Botanical

Brise Bise

With a name taken from the French, Brise Bise means "a light breeze". That's what comes to mind when you think of these solid brass decorative curtain rods and coordinating hardware. The 5/8" solid brass rods come in a smooth, reeded and twisted styles for a choice of decorative looks. The wide range of finials offer looks for traditional as well as modern tastes. Wall brackets made of solid brass offer two projection depths for a variety of drapery styles. To complete the offering, coordinating hardware with solid brass curtain rings with eyelets or with clips are available.

View Brise Bise

Budget Curtain Rods

Cover up to 10 feet with these adjustable length discount curtain rod sets. Our most inexpensive line of decorative curtain rods with the quality that Graber stands for with prices for the budget minded decorator. These discount priced curtain rods are available in three adjustable sizes up to 120 inches. Sold in sets including finials, adjustable rod and fixed brackets. Clip rings and curtain holdbacks are also available. Enjoy decorating at a discount with these cheap prices.

View Budget Curtain Rods


The Cabana outdoor collection offer corrosion resistant stainless steel curtain rods and hardware designed to withstand natural weather elements, salty ocean air and high moisture interiors without rusting. These simple styled, modern curtain rods offer stainless steel brackets, finials and grommets.

View Cabana


The 1 3/4" wood curtain rods in the Canterbury collection offer classic wooden designs in smooth silhouettes with modest details. The rich ebony finish adds natural warmth to traditional window settings while blending with the overall decor. These wooden curtain rods are available in a smooth or fluted design in 4 and 8 foot lengths. A splice is offered for larger windows as are several wood bracket styles.

View Canterbury

Carved Wood 225 Inch

Beautifully carved wood curtain rods and decorative wood accessories are offered in a 2 1/4 inch size in this decorative curtain rod offering. As each piece is individually stained they may vary slightly, with this variation being part of the inherent beauty of stained wood. Also offered are over 40 custom finishes in a wide range of gorgeous designer colors. This 2 1/4" wood curtain rod collection offers all sorts of choices with 5 carved rosette styles and 9 finial styles, as well as the wood poles being offered in 2 styles, reeded and smooth. The lengths that these curtain poles are available in are 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths. Wood brackets in various sizes for a range of drapery return depths are offered in a traditional and a modern european design. Wood curtain rings with eyelets complete this offering of competitively priced decorative wood curtain rods.

View Carved Wood 225 Inch

Carved Wood 3 Inch

These beautifully carved, beefy 3" wood curtain rods offer decorative wood hardware to complete the look. The reeded and smooth wood poles are offered in 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 feet lengths for covering a wide variety of window sizes. Each rod or pole and drapery hardware are individually stained and may vary slightly as they may come from different trees or parts of the tree. This variation is part of the inherent beauty of stained wood. Also available are over 40 delicious designer paint colors for that custom look. There is a variety of wood brackets for flexibility in hanging your drapes as well as large wood curtain rings to accommodate them.

View Carved Wood 3 Inch

Casa Artistica

The large selection of Casa Artistica decorative metal curtain rods will help you transform your windows into works of art. Each design is meticulously crafted and hand-forged in metal by experienced artisans. Slight individual variations are unique to the hand crafting process used in producing these gorgeous metal curtain rods and are not considered to be defects, with no two pieces being identical. Coordinating hardware of curtain rings, finials, several styles of brackets and rod connectors are offered to help complete the great looks of the Casa Artistica curtain rods.

View Casa Artistica

Casa Valentina

For modern and contemporary styles in stainless steel to aluminum to painted metals in interesting and unique details the Casa Valentina curtain rod collection offers designs like no other manufacturer does. The stainless steel curtain rods make a good choice when decorating outdoors as well as indoors. The other curtain rod selections for indoor use offer looks that are sure turn heads. The wide range of interesting finials are an abstract delight with their modern contemporary look in shapes for todays lifestyle. The Casa Valentina also offers drapery hardware which features curtain rings and brackets as well as a curtain wire set for hanging your curtains and drapery.

View Casa Valentina

Casual Elegance

The Casual Elegance wood curtain rod collection by Robert Allen offers four gorgeous finishes with its intricately detailed finials that make these wooden curtain rods such a class act. Choose from 4, 6 and 8 foot long curtain rods in 1 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes that offer coordinating hardware that completes the look of these very classy looking rods.

View Casual Elegance


Wrought iron and wood are coupled together in the Chalet hand forged curtain rod collection. Wrought iron and beautiful stained woods come together in elegant lines to suit any decor from metro to mountainside. A complete compliment of drapery hardware is also offered from tiebacks, baton wands, iron curtain rings and a variety of wall brackets as well as splices for longer length curtain rods.

View Chalet


The Chess collection by Robert Allen is made with precision and grace just like the game, the collection that it is named after, is played. The Chess 2 1/4" curtain rod collection consists of intricately designed finials in amazing colors that will pop off your window. Choose from a coordinating mix of decorative drapery hardware to complete the great look.

View Chess

Cirque De Paris Curtain Rods

Fun, Fun and more Fun. Let this whimsical Cirque De Paris curtain rod collection tickle your fancy! Bold colors and playful embellishments make these curtain rods perfect for court jesters and royalty alike. A 1 3/8" curtain rod in 3 lengths of 4, 6 and 8 feet, accompanied with curtain rings, sconce and wall brackets are perfect for kids rooms or anywhere you want to have a funky mardi gras look.

View Cirque De Paris Curtain Rods


The Constellation metal curtain rod collection features four stunning finishes and the strength of an all steel construction. A hefty 1 1/2" diameter, clean lines and excellent price point make these modern styled curtain rods an attractive alternative for many window treatment challenges.

View Constellation

Contemporary Traverse

Archi T Rails are unique, contemporary traverse rods available in 3 styles perfect to add that modern look everyone is after. Available in polished chrome, nickel and aluminum these sleek curtain rods offer coordinating finials, brackets and curtain rings in a variety of configurations for a unique look in your window treatments.

View Contemporary Traverse


The Costume Finial curtain rod collection by Robert Allen features curtain rod finials in designs derived from antique costume jewelry. The opaque and translucent finials are paired with fluted curtain rods that are offered in luxuriant burnished gold and burnished silver. Beside the finials, these curtain rods also offer a 1 3/4" and a 2 1/2" diameter pole as well as a 1" smooth secondary rod for back treatments. The fluted poles are offered in a 4 and 8 foot lengths, with a splice being available to put together two rods for larger windows. The hardware offers a bracket which will accommodate either single or double rod usage, as well as inside mount brackets. The fluted curtain rings are offered in packages of 10 and have eyelets to make hanging your draperies easier. To complete your look, gorgeous tiebacks are offered to help complete a variety of window treatment designs. The antique hatpins discovered in a Paris antique market that provided the design inspiration for this gorgeous curtain rod collection, we're a great find indeed.

View Costume

Country Iron

The Country Iron curtain rod collection by Robert Allen includes decorative iron curtain rods and finials that demonstrate the strength and integrity of traditional hand forged iron in simple shapes. The spiral, loop, knot and scroll designs portray the authenticity of rustic forging in these 3/4" diameter curtain rods for your drapery.

View Country Iron

Crystal Curtain Rods

These Crystal curtain rods offer the beauty of faceted hand-cut crystal finials combined with hand crafted finishes that will add sparkle to your decorating project. Choose from these decorative curtain rods and coordinating finials along with brackets and curtain rings in a brushed brass plated or brushed nickel plated finish. These sparkling crystal with metal curtain rods will add beauty to your homes decor.

View Crystal Curtain Rods

Crystal Magic

Vesta's Crystal Magic curtain rod collection exudes the kind of high elegance that inspires awe. These crystal finials represent the opulent eye-catching sparkle of high-leaded French crystal. All finials are precision hand-cut crystal and available in a variety of shapes, rich colors and six base finishes.

View Crystal Magic

Decorative Metal Rods

Whether your replacing, refreshing or refinishing, these decorative metal curtain rods are a great addition to your home or office. Available in sizes ranging from 4ft to our extra long 16ft. Hundreds of designer finishes.

View Decorative Metal Rods

Decorative Sash

The slim decorative sash rods offer small accessories that create flexibility for tight projections. Fabricut Fabric offers these 1/2 inch metal poles for curtains in 5 designer finishes to complete the look of any window space.

View Decorative Sash


The Elite collection by Graber features budget priced wood finials with metal accents for the ultimate in elegance. These 1 3/8" diameter curtain rods with all the coordinating hardware are a perfect choice for the budget minded decorator.

View Elite

European Elegance

Vesta's European Elegance brass curtain rods feature an ensemble of meticulously crafted accessories perfect for any contemporary or modern setting. The brass curtain rods are made out of 1 1/8" brass tubing that is available by the foot. This decorative compilation is available in 6 gorgeous finishes which include; antique brass, brushed brass and polished brass as well as nickel, chrome and black. The 15 finial styles offer great modern and contemporary choices as do the wall brackets that are available for use with a single pole as well as double brackets when doing multiple treatments in the same window. Inside mount brackets are also available as are tiebacks which are used to assist with your design. The brass curtain rings offer a flat ring with eyelet, the standard curtain ring and a bypass curtain ring for traversing past center support brackets. To complete this great looking hardware selection, a drapery baton or curtain pull wand is offered.

View European Elegance


The Expressions curtain rod collection by Menagerie includes a great selection of finials with rods, brackets and rings. The super decorative curtain brackets and hardware offer fluted rods with an extra large selection of unique decorative brackets. If you are looking to make a statement with your drapery rod, this collection is for you. Bay window elbow available as well as splices for longer lengths.

View Expressions

Extra Long Curtain Rods

Pick your finial and the matching curtain and drapery rods come in extra long lengths. Only curtain and traverse rods that come in 12' lengths or over are included in this collection. Some are sold by the foot and some have splices/connectors to obtain the desired lengths, while others are extendable to help you reach the desired long length.

View Extra Long Curtain Rods


The styles of the metal curtain rods in the Ferraforte collection by Robert Allen were inspired by historical iron castings giving them a classically traditional look. Influenced by traditional ironwork from around the world the curtain rods are offered in a 1" diameter size. The curtain rods are available in 4' and 8' lengths with a splice being offered to accomodate larger size windows.

View Ferraforte

Fifth Avenue

The Fifth Avenue curtain rod collection features contemporary satin brass, brush gold and brushed nickel color choices with coordinating hardware. The sleek lines and clean metal finishes make this a great choice for todays homeowner wanting a modern look. Hardware in this 1 1/4" metal curtain rod offering includes single and double rod mounting brackets, decorative finials and curtain rings along with tiebacks. An adjustable elbow for bay windows and other angled windows is also offered. Rods in this decorative curtain rod collection are 1 1/4" in diameter for strong support in big windows.

View Fifth Avenue


The Gaudi curtain rod collection skillfully unites brass and wrought iron construction to create a new and dramatic line of drapery hardware. Elegantly bold and unique finial designs help bridge the typical gap between traditional and contemporary decor. This collection's 1 1/8" diameter tubing makes it suitable for longer expanses, where strength and fashion coalesce.

View Gaudi

Global Elements

Exotic and carefree the Global Elements curtain rod collection takes us to a place where the views are spectacular. Collected over generations, and Marrakesh inspired, Global Elements by Fabricut allows for dynamic combinations of handcrafted metal and distressed wood in these 2" plain and fluted curtain rods with all the coordinating drapery hardware.

View Global Elements

Grand Finale

The Grand Finale traditional wood curtain rods are an orchestra of beauty, quality and durability. Some of the highlights of this offering of wooden curtain rods include:
  • All Items (except the rings) are from Sustainable Tropical Hardwoods
  • Hand Carved Finials in 6 Rich Finishes
  • Hidden Metal Mounts - No Visual Distractions
  • Easy Installation

View Grand Finale

Highland Timber

The Highland Timber unfinished wood curtain rod collection features a gallery of masterfully carved finials and coordinating accessories. This wood curtain rod collection offers four pole diameters and ranges from understated and simple to intrinsically elegant designs.

View Highland Timber

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Decorative curtain rods are offered from leading manufacturers in a wide range of styles and sizes for helping you complete the look of your window coverings and enhance your home. To name just a few, this huge decorative curtain rod selection offers; bamboo, wood, crystal, wrought iron and lots of other types of metals, including stainless steel for your outdoor as well as indoor decorating needs. The drapery hardware features great looking finials, curtain rings, brackets, tieback holders and a variety of other hardware in styles for the modern and contemporary to traditional themed home. Beside the large variety of styles offered, a mixture of great colors are available that complete the look of these decorative rods. We might as well name drop and let you know that you can get Robert Allen, Vesta, Menagerie, Casa Valentina, Brimar, Finestra and Vesta curtain rods to name just a few. Oh!, let's not leave out Paris Texas Hardware, Fabricut and Kasmir along with budget priced favorites like Graber and Kirsch and other decorative curtain rods from a host of others. Choose from rod sizes that begin in a small 3/8 inch size for more petite sized curtains to large 3 inch beefy curtain rods for homes with larger scale windows. Everything size in between is also offered, with a large variety being in the popular 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch diameters. Choices in standard plain smooth poles to fluted and reeded poles are available as well as the classy twist or rope look. Some of the sash rod collections offer rods in lengths as small as one foot, with the majority of others offering poles in standards of 4, 6 and 8 feet. There are lots of variations to the rule as unusual lengths are also available with some going up to 16 feet as one continuous length and others offering splices for endless length curtain rods. Custom cut lengths are offered from some manufacturers. Colors range in all shades of the rainbow with some offerings being available in over 35 designer colors. Others offer shinny metallic looks while others are unfinished so you can add your own custom colors. All curtain rods and traversing drapery rods that are shown, include selections of coordinating drapery hardware to complete your project. Finials in smooth sleek modern and contemporary designs for todays fashion forward homes offer unique looks, while classically traditional finials are available in a wide selection of others. Curtain rod accessories include curtain rings in bamboo, wood, metal, wrought iron, resin and acrylic for helping draperies hang just right. A wide variety of bracket types for hanging your rods are available for single and double rods, with others being offered for ceiling mount and wire mount. Adjustable swivel brackets that work well in bay windows of any angle also work for inside and outside corners. Tiebacks, holdbacks and rosettes along with baton wands for traversing your draperies are offered in some of the collections. Browse through the huge variety of selections for styles and designs that will turn heads and enhance the look of your window treatments and if you need help on any of the curtain rod selections, please call or email our knowledgeable customer service team for assistance.
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