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Interior Mall’s main fabric page is all about fabric and textiles and contains links to them in a variety of different ways. The first choice offers the option of searching for fabrics by manufacturer and proceeds from there to the ability of finding what you are looking for by theme as well as by type. If you are looking for great discount pricing, then click on the fabric price quote form where are you can get prices from every major fabric manufacturer. Another handy form for ordering fabric samples is also available with details regarding our sample policy. A price list with Interior Malls discount prices for each fabric manufacturer is also provided. We also offer the option of looking through each manufacturer's fabric books by the name of the collection. If you are looking for a particular color or width of fabric as well as fiber content you can do it with the fabric search options that are offered.  The discount fabric category and special daily deals are where you will find the bargain fabric that are closeouts, dated lines and remnants that offer special wholesale prices with most being way below cost so that they will move, to make room for the newest patterns, colors and designs. For your convenience a handy yardage chart is offered to help you determine the quantity of fabric that you will need for draperies, bedding and furniture upholstery. To complete your decorating project, gorgeous embellishments including tassels, trim and fringe and other ornamentations are offered from many of the leading fabric manufacturers as well as companies that specialize solely in fabric trims.  Purchasing information regarding dye lots, cuttings for approval, fabric  samples, shipping options and delivery times as well as international shipping are also outlined.  You will find a wide variety of different fabric types that include choices for drapery, bedding and upholstery as well as selections from hobby, quilting and craft fabrics.


Upholstery Fabric
Upholstery fabric usually refers to the decorative fabrics and textiles that cover your chairs and sofas, with it also being used for wall coverings. The uses of upholstery fabrics requires that it be durable and has an ability to withstand wear and tear. When looking at decorator and designer fabrics that are intended for upholstery it is important that you find a suitable wearing fabric for the use that it will receive daily. While a beautiful fabric is important to achieve your desired decorating look, it is also important to use higher quality fabrics for your heavier use. While light weight fabrics can be used accent furniture that receives only occasional use it is important to use an upholstery weight fabric for daily use, which are typically made of a woven textile. While not all fabrics show a rating factor, many high quality upholstery fabrics will show a value for a Double Rub test which denotes the amount of wear the fabric will take. The higher this number is, the more durable these fabrics are. Be sure to look at and feel a fabric you would like to use for upholstery that does not have a double rub value listed. Remember this, if a decorator or designer fabric has a double rub value listed for it, then it is definitely rated for use as upholstery, otherwise it may be drapery fabric suitable for curtains, bedding, pillows, table linens and more. Fabrics produced from man made fibers such as polyester, rayon, acrylic, viscose and other petroleum based products exhibit the best qualities as far as colorfastness and heavy duty durability is concerned. This is apparent in the fabrics offered for outdoor upholstery use by Sunbrella and Tommy Bahama that receive severe exposure, all use these long lasting fiber types. Some great upholstery fabrics can be found in manufacturers such as Barrow, Merrimac, S Harris, Showcase, Stout and Swavelle Millcreek. Stout and Portfolio as well as Wesco also offer an extensive line of quality fabrics for furniture upholstery use that are available by the yard. Samples and discount pricing are offered on all the various lines of upholstery fabrics.

Drapery Fabric
Fabrics that are lighter weight and feature a looser weave that allows them to drape well are the types of fabrics that work well for drapery, curtains and other types of window treatments as well as offering soft feels for bedding. Light use accent furniture can also be upholstered using most drapery weight fabrics. A wide variety of drapery fabric manufacturers are offered that include American Silk Mills, Avon, Big Kahuna, Casner, Collier Campbell, Dogwood, Greenhouse Design and Gumtree. When fabricating your window treatments, draperies and curtains, to preserve the fabric from fading and deteriorating from sun exposure, lining fabric from American manufacturers Hanes and Roc Lon Industries are the most popular choices nationwide and to achieve a fuller look when using thinner drapery fabrics, many will add an interlining between the face fabric and the lining which they also offer. Many quality drapery fabrics are available by the yard and include selections from Maxwell, Jay Yang, Kaslen, Kast and Lady Ann. For a fabric manufacturer that is a velvet specialist, Latimer Alexander is the #1 choice. For great looking designer drapery fabrics try Laura Ashley, Thybony as well as Zimmer and Rohde.  Waverly, the affordable branch of sister company Schumacher also offers a great selection of drapery fabric as does Michael Jon Designs along with Magnolia Fabrics and Norbar.
Natural Fabrics suitable for drapery.

  • Cotton fabrics are used extensively for draperies and bedding and can be found in all the Premier Prints and Michael Miller fabric selections. Cotton fibers handle abrasion and accept dye beautifully giving it the ability to be printed on in a wide range of colors. Cotton is capable of accepting finishes and treatments that render it shrink-resistant, stain-repellent, flameproof and water-repellent. With cotton being a natural fiber it is susceptible to fading and rotting when exposed to direct sunlight and heat and thus should be used with a lining fabric to extend its life.
  • Another fabric suitable for drapery is linen. Like cotton, linen also has a strong fiber that is easily dyed and has the ability to be made to resemble a variety of finishes. The linen yarns unevenness gives it a natural richness, with the slick nature of the fiber giving it a luster and the ability to ward off dirt. Linen fabrics are very good at holding their shape, but are also able to be wrinkled easily. Linen is often blended with cotton and other fibers to make a stronger fabric that resists wrinkling much better than linen by itself and are offered in this manner by Covington.
  • Wool has a natural spiral that creates air pockets that insulate against winter cold and summer heat. This characteristic and its smooth drape, make wool well suited for draperies. Wool tends to spring back to its original shape when stretched and is also more naturally resistant to sunlight than plant based natural fabrics and as such is a favorite fabric choice in designer Ralph Laurens fabrics.

Synthetic Fabrics suitable for drapery

  • Rayon, the original artificial silk, is made from wood pulp. Rayon takes dye well and drapes beautifully. Rayon is often blended with other fibers to decrease static electricity, improve softness and enhance dyeing. Another advantage is that Rayon is not flammable, however, this fabric is weakened by sunlight.
  • Acetate also uses wood pulp as its origin and burns and melts readily. It also drapes well, but is also weakened by sunlight as are most all types of fibers.
  • Polyester is able to blend well with other fibers which imparts characteristics such as wrinkle resistance, resilience, cleanability and an ability to retain pressed in pleats. Polyester resists degradation to sunlight, making it a great outdoor fabric choice. It is also used in flame resistant and fire retardant fabrics because of its resistant to ignition and because of California’s strict fire codes is a staple of west coast fabric manufacturer Sierra Textiles.
  • Acrylic fabrics are an oil based fiber that can be spun to resemble natural fibers, but with added strength and lower cost. Acrylic fabrics do not burn readily and exhibit good resilience and elasticity, resist mildew, moths and sunlight and hold color well. Acrylic fabrics are the perfect choice for outdoor drapery as well as for outdoor furniture upholstery. A great example of fabrics manufactured especially for outdoor use are Phifer Sheerweave and Mermet Fabrics, which are solar fabrics that also work well indoors and are widely used in solar roller shades.

Designer and Decorator Fabric

Whether you call this type of fabric designer fabric, decorator fabric or even decorative fabric, they all have a few characteristics in common. They are constructed to be durable, long lasting, color fast and heavier in weight than clothing fabric and to offer great looking patterns, in designs that feature colors for todays homes decor. These fabrics usually come in widths of at least 48 inches, with 54 inches being the standard, although wider widths are offered, especially in many sheer fabrics that are offered in 118” widths to allow for seamless construction. Fabric Manufacturers offered in this category of fabrics includes such well known names as Stroheim, Duralee, Kravet, Kasmir and Fabricut along with a host of others that include Clarke & Clarke and Motif. Other top lines of these designer fabrics offered include Robert Allen Fabrics sister company Beacon Hill to Bergamo, Chivasso, GP & J Baker, Highland Court, and Lee Jofa. Other decorative fabrics used for upholstery, slipcovers, bedding, pillows, curtains and drapery that are offered come from Telafina, Westgate, RM Coco, Jab and Payne. When selecting decorative fabrics it is important to consider both the aesthetic properties of the fabric such as color, pattern and design as well as things like fade resistance, fire resistance, mildew resistance and so forth. Many of these factors will be determined by your unique requirements such as climatic conditions, amount of sunlight hitting the fabric, usage of the fabric, possibility of stains, etc. Each designer fabric is available by the yard, offer samples and are discount priced.

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