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A type of damask, the jacquard fabric began with the invention of the jacquard loom, a machine invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. The mechanism punched holes into multiple pasteboards. Each board is punched and strung together in order to make the desired damask brocade design. This machine allowed the jacquard fabric to be mass produced. Today, computers have taken the place of the loom. This technology shift has drastically cut down on production time thereby decreasing the cost of the fabric, which at one time, use to be very pricey. Use this fabric for upholstery, and curtains. Jacquard Fabrics including jacquard drapery and upholstery fabric containing some of the most beautiful brocade designs is offered for use in drapery, curtains and furniture upholstery by the yard at discount prices with samples being available.

Classic Jacquard

Classic Jacquard fabric is defined by the weaving process in order to make the fabric. Rather than the pattern being printed or dyed onto the fabric, the pattern is woven in. This classic jacquard collection includes greek key, florals, stripes and more.

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Cotton Jacquard

This beautiful collection of All-Purpose Cotton Jacquards is available in a plethora of Colors.

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Damask Jacquards

Damasks are formal satin base Jacquard fabric. Classic damask jacquard fabric styles to choose from.

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Fun Jacquard

Fun Jacquard

Fun Jacquard Fabrics in a more modern theme available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Poka Dot
  • Stripes

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Silk Brocade

Silk Brocade has a raised surface. Brocades are typically ornate, jacquard-woven fabrics. The pattern is usually emphasized by contrasting surfaces and colors.

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Silk Jacquard

Gorgeous 100% silk jacquard fabric. Beautifully woven styles in many colors.

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