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Fabric Flip Flops
Inexpensive, quick DIY using cute fabrics. How to make flip flops in several styles.


Fabric Wall ArtGather Supplies
Scissors/Pinking Shears
If you use printed fabric that is one-sided, we recommend sewing the strips into tubes so that the white, non-printed side does not show. The Batik fabric worked perfectly as the print goes all the way through and did not need to be sewn. We found several styles of fabric flip-flops to try out. Here are our how-tos for each one.
Knotted Flip Flops
Wrapped Flip Flops
Sandal Style Flip Flops

Knotted Flip Flops

Fabric Wall ArtFor this simple and cute style, you need about a 1/4 yard of fabric cut into four 2¼-4½ wide x 24 long inch strips. First you will push the straps of the flip-flops through the back enough to cut off the wide part holding it. Cut a pointCut a point on the ends of your fabric strips. You can use pinking shears to edge the fabric to prevent fraying or if you are really a perfectionist give them a zip on the sewing machine. Now take two strips and pull the ends through the hole at the toe. Tie a good and tight knot. The knot will fit in the little divot left from the original straps. Next trim the extra off. Turn the flip-flop over and tie one knot about an inch from the shoe where it will go in between your toes. Pull your knot carefully to get it into position. Hold both the straps together to tie it. Tie a second knot right behind the first knot pulling it tight.

Next pull the two straps through the side holes. Before tying the knot, try the flip flop on and tighten the strap to where it is tight on the top of your foot. With the shoe still on, tie a knot on each side. This is the most difficult step as you try to slip the knot as close to the shoe as possible. Test them out and if they are tight enough, cut off the ends and add a little hot glue if you like. Remember, fabric stretches, so it's better to be a little snug. Here's a link to the pinterest article that inspired us >>

Wrapped Flip Flops

Fabric Wall ArtFlirty and stylish, this pair of flip flops takes about 2 yards of fabric. To begin, cut two strips of fabric 6 x 72 inches. Loop and knot the fabric at the base of the flip flop. To create this knot, thread the fabric under the straps and pull up evenly and tuck back through. Next wrap the straps with the fabric and tie on your ankle. That's it. Easy. Inspring Pinterest Pin >>

Sandal Style Flip Flops

Fabric Wall ArtFirst remove the straps from the flip flops.
Take 2 strips of fabric measuring 10"L x 1"w (If you have bigger feet I suggest making them ½"-1" wider.) Fold in half and pull the loop through the front hole in your flip flop. Pull it through about an inch or so and then on the underside put a little glue in the hole and tie a knot. Be sure to cut off any extra.

Next, take 2 strips measuring 24"L x 4 ½"W. Fold the strips length wise inside out. This is where your sewing machine or stitch witch is needed. Sew the top of the strip closed or use the stitch witch to enclose the top of the strip. DO NOT do the sides. Once that is done turn the fabric strip back to the correct side.

Take your two strips and loop them through the toe piece then slide on the flip flop and tie the strip where it is most comfy. I tied mine a little tight because it will begin to loosen up over time.

Then take 4 strips measuring 12"L x 1"W (Same principle as the toe loop, if you have bigger feet you might want to make the strips ½"-1" wider.) Fold the strips in half and cut each end into a point. Making sure it is looped around your main strap pull the ends through the back hole. Slide on the flip flop and adjust the length to where you want it. Put a little glue in the hole and tie a knot making sure to cut off any extra.

Add some fun with embellishments - cut out some fabric flowers and hand-sew or stitch witch to the flip flop. Here's a link to the pinterest pin that inspired us >>
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